Why Would an Insurance Company Deny a Fire Damage Claim?

Imagine being the victim of a massive wildfire. You turn to your insurance company—or that of a negligent party—seeking help in your time of need. Suddenly, any claim you filed is denied and you have no idea why or what to do next.

Why would an insurance company do this to someone who is programmed to trust them? Why would an insurance company seemingly turn their back on a person who is hurt or has lost property when they are needed the most? There are some reasons this may happen.

The Insurance Company’s Priority: Profit

When the insurance company receives a claim from a policyholder or the victim of their own policyholder’s negligence, there are a number of things that are factored in when making a decision on how to handle it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things below their primary focus: profit.

Insurance companies are large corporations; their businesses. Their only goal is to protect their own bottom line. Whether this means they deny their own policyholder after property loss or they defend their customer’s liability when accused of negligence, they want to pay out as little as possible.

Those who file claims with insurance companies are often left to feel helpless in these manners. They may try to appeal the denial, but insurance companies also have large legal teams to defend themselves, even when they know their policyholder did something wrong.

As such, they do whatever it takes, including trying to limit the amount of liability they have to accept or even claiming that you as the plaintiff are fabricating your story. This is not something that should be taken lightly.

Why You Need Legal Counsel

Because this is a trying time and you’re focus should solely me on recovering your losses, it’s imperative to have a compassionate and caring legal advocate on your side. Someone to give you hope and take on the insurance companies on your behalf.

Our Sacramento lawyers at Kershaw Talley Barlow are truly committed to our community and our neighbors. We aim to help you through one of life’s most trying times and guide you with confidence so you can have peace of mind.

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