How to Respond to Approaching Forest Fires

It can happen in a matter of minutes — a fire getting out of control in a heavily wooded area. For those who live near forests, you rely on firefighters to be able to extinguish the flames. Unfortunately, even the flames can become too much for firefighters and reinforcement is needed to be brought in.

Before tragedy strikes and the fire ends up near your home, keep the following in mind to best protect you and your property.

Get Informed

Follow updates through news channels to get the latest information about where the fire is spreading. Some news sources may have digital maps to show where the fire has spread so far and where it is projected to spread. Listen to warnings about where the fire is heading and if any evacuation orders have been issued for your area.

Protect Your Home

Have hoses or buckets of water ready outside your home in case the flames come towards your property. If you have a ladder, put it against your house. That way, firefighters have access to it if they need to quickly get to your roof. Remove any items that might be considered combustible such as lawn chairs or tables, shade umbrellas, and similar items. If you have time, move stray tree limbs or fallen leaves as far away from your home as possible as they could fuel the fire. Continuously check the outside of your home for embers, too, because it only takes a small flame to create a large fire.

Inside your home, remove flammable materials such as curtains, drapes, or blinds. Any furniture should be moved away from windows and doors. Turn off the air conditioning and gas in your home and ensure all pilot lights are turned off.

If firefighters have to come to your home, make it easier to spot by having lights on in each room. Make sure exterior lights are turned on as well as they could potentially be seen through the smoke.

The Team at Kershaw Talley Barlow

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