Kershaw Talley Barlow – New Name, Same High-Caliber Legal Counsel

Firm logo for Kershaw Talley Barlow

For decades, Californians have come to trust Kershaw Talley Barlow in high-stakes practice areas such as complex litigation, class actions, mass torts, and high stakes personal injury. Not only are we a favorite among clients, but numerous law firms throughout the state come to us when they need help with cases that require greater levels of expertise, experience, or resources. While we are proud of all that we have already accomplished, with the retirement of name partner Lyle Cook, we are also excited to announce the latest evolution of our law firm: Kershaw Talley Barlow.

This update is not just a change in name. Kershaw Talley Barlow represents an adaptive and enthusiastic growth of our legal practice that better reflects our continual efforts to do everything we can for our community and our clients in need of outstanding, compassionate legal representation and counsel.

The Kershaw Talley Barlow name comes with these exciting keynotes:

  • Newly Named Partner: Who is Barlow of Kershaw Talley Barlow? Attorney Ian Barlow has been a Partner in our firm for years, but he has now been voted a “Name Partner” recognizing the high quality of his legal work. In this heightened role, he will continue to lend his experience and oversight to our firm’s direction and its practice areas, such as complex civil justice cases involving consumer class actions, wage and hour claims, product liability, and mass torts. Please join us for a moment in congratulating Name Partner Ian Barlow!
  • New Website: Part of what makes our rebranding so exhilarating is that it represents an increased drive to succeed for our clients, stand out from our competitors, expand and enhance our practice areas, and make our name one that other law firms and legal professionals know they can trust when they need a referral or assistance with a challenging case. We could not truly deliver this message of growth and revitalization without pairing it with a new website! You will see that it has been designed to be engaging and easily navigable, so it is always easy for clients to find dependable legal counsel right when they need it.
  • New Tagline: “Expertise. Experience. Ethics.” That’s what it means to be part of Kershaw Talley Barlow. We have experienced attorneys on staff who possess exceptional depth and knowledge with respect to the class mechanism and all aspects of class action practice, MDLs and state coordinated proceedings, and mass torts. Simply put, most other attorneys cannot claim to match our expertise. Perhaps most importantly of all, we hold true to our practice and business ethics that guide us to always do the right thing and never take shortcuts.
  • New Logo: The Kershaw Talley Barlow logo ushers in a new era of the firm while reinstating the values and legacy that continue to make us recognized leaders in complex litigation. The logo, being built out of curving, intersecting lines represent several key aspects of our practice. The lines represent the structural support columns and cables of a bridge, providing a way for those who are wronged to find a way across turbulent waters. The way the lines intersect evokes the complex nature of KTB’s work, our ability to weave together vast cases into results, and the connectivity among our firm partners, who band together to protect our clients. The middle shape represents a lighthouse with outward lines of light streaming from it. In this way, KTB is a beacon of hope to those who need justice. Knit together in the middle are three diamond shapes in the negative space, showing how Bill Kershaw, Stuart Talley, and Ian Barlow reflect KTB’s core principles of expertise, experience, and ethics. With its curving shapes and welcoming lines, this new logo invites those looking for not only great attorneys but also good people.

Our team at Kershaw Talley Barlow looks forward to hearing from new and returning clients and the many law firms that we have worked with in the past, so we can demonstrate the power behind this rebranding. If you have any questions, then please reach out to us at (916) 520-6639. Inquiring clients or law firms with case referrals can fill out an online contact form. Thank you.

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