Beware of These 3 Tactics from the Insurance Company

When we get into a car accident, we expect that an insurance company will come through for us in our time of need, because that is what we are led to believe.

Unfortunately, however, many insurance companies do not care about what they told clients. Most of the time, insurance companies will do or say whatever they can to protect their profits. Learn three tactics they may employ to achieve this end.

#1. They may tell you their offer is the best settlement you can get.

Most insurance agents will try to make you believe that your only option for compensation after an accident is accepting the settlement amount they offer. This is simply a lie. This tactic is used by insurance agents in the hope that you will not have the experience to know better.

The last thing an insurance agent wants to hear is that you are working with an experienced personal injury attorney who can recover significantly more compensation for you.

#2. They may tell you that you cannot have anyone else on the line.

An insurance agent may tell you that this is a private matter and that you may not have anyone else listening to the sensitive information on the phone call. This is also a lie, and it is used by insurance agents in an attempt to dissuade you from having an attorney on the line. Insurance agents know that their tactics will not be successful when a qualified attorney, who is familiar with such tactics, is on the phone call.

#3. They may act like your friend.

This is one of the most common tactics used by insurance agents. They will act friendly and try to make you let your guard down. They will try to empathize and get you to say something that they can later use to deny your claim. When speaking with an insurance agent, remember that they are not your friend. They are employed by the insurance company to pay you as little money as possible.

Or, even more simply, just tell the insurance agent that you will not speak to them without an attorney on the line, then hang up.

At Kershaw Talley Barlow, our experienced Sacramento personal injury attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies while you focus on recovering from your injuries. We will take the matter out of your hands and keep you informed throughout the process.

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