Breaking the Stigma of the “Ambulance Chaser”

Ambulance chaser. It’s a term often thrown around in the direction of civil lawyers who represent the injured. It stems from the idea that civil trial attorneys are soliciting cases by following ambulances to the hospital in an effort to sign up a client.

What many people don’t recognize, however, is just how truly important it is to have a well-intentioned and good plaintiff’s lawyer, especially in a practice area where negligent individuals are protected by large corporations with their own often unscrupulous legal team.

Our goal is to break the “ambulance chaser” stigma, giving you an idea of why trial lawyers are a necessary asset in the world.

“You Only Care About Money”

When it comes to personal injury law, many people have the same question: “if you truly care about the people, why don’t you offer your services for free?” Unfortunately, much like everyone out there, lawyers still need to earn a living and must charge for the services rendered.

However, it’s also extremely imperative to understand that in most situations, personal injury matters are handled strictly on a contingency fee basis. As with our firm’s representation, our clients don’t have to pay anything up front. They receive a free consultation. They don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for court fees, legal briefings, documentation, or any other requirements necessary to file a case.

Instead, the fee our lawyers take comes out of the final settlement or verdict amount. Even then, it’s only a percentage so the injured can still receive compensation they deserve. On top of that, contingency fees make it so if the case is unsuccessful and the injured does not recover, they don’t have to pay anything.

This shows our true care for those we represent and our goal for seeking justice and closure for our clients.

“We Would Be Better Off with Less Lawyers”

In 2015, a poll of an unspecified number of people indicated that more than half of them felt as though they would be better off with fewer lawyers. Another study showed that only 39% of people felt as though most lawyers attempt to serve with the public’s best interests in mind.

These numbers go a long way in showing just how fond—or not—people are of lawyers.

There’s a strong belief that lawyers have a higher interest in winning cases than they do in obtaining justice.

Before you believe that lawyers are bad people and are not necessary, ask yourself one question: How many successful cases are there in which the injured plaintiff represented themselves? Unfortunately, it’s a rarity and injured persons most likely require help from legal professionals to win their case.

The Real Focus of Our Firm

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice, and when they fail in this purpose they become the dangerously structured dams that block the flow of social progress.”

Justice is what changes society and prevents negligent actions. While one case may not have the full impact it should on the rest of society, it does equal one person changed and one person held accountable.

Our firm is focused on society. We are focused on our community. And we are focused on justice. The rights of those who are most vulnerable must be protected from large corporations. This is where our passion lies: in protecting those who have been injured and pursuing justice against those who have done wrong.

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