Personal Injury Success Requires Good Plaintiff Lawyers

When someone suffers an injury because of negligence, it’s easy to feel as though your back is against a wall. You may feel as though you have no options. You’re facing an uphill battle with the insurance company forcibly trying to get you to settle, and your bills are piling up.

Despite what many believe and feel regarding personal injury attorneys, in many situations, it is dire to have legal representation. And unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the importance of a good plaintiff lawyer to be successful.

What Happens Without a Good Plaintiff’s Lawyer?

There are several cases in the history of trial law that indicate the results that may occur without a good plaintiff’s attorney. Consider the famous case of Gulla v. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory—the 1911 case involving a warehouse fire resulting in 146 deaths.

Despite the attorney for the plaintiffs calling on over 100 witnesses as opposed to the defense’s 52 witnesses, the jury took just two hours to render a “not guilty” verdict. The case settled for what would be equal to just $1,892 per person in today’s economic value.

The issue: There were no good plaintiff’s lawyers to represent the families of those lost.

Today, there are a lot of people who don’t believe that lawyers are really focused on the people they represent. However, good plaintiff’s lawyers have a purpose when practicing this type of law. It is the belief that those who have been wronged deserve justice that drives them to practice.

With a good plaintiff’s lawyer, there is an extensive concern for the overall wellness of a community. There is a staunch dedication to serving a society by pursuing justice and restoring faith for an injured individual.

Even though we don’t always have the trust of those in the public, those who do take the chance to pursue legal action with our lawyers are capable of achieving great things. They can make change and preventing wrongdoers from getting away with their negligent actions.

At Kershaw Talley Barlow, we don’t encompass the negative stigmas often associated with personal injury attorneys of years ago. We truly care about those who need help and we take every step necessary to protect your rights at a time when you need it most.

Call our firm today at (916) 520-6639 if you’ve been injured due to negligence.

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