What Is the Typical Cause of Wildfires?

With the recent instances of wildfires in both Northern and Southern California, it’s important for individuals to understand what exactly can cause these serious situations. This knowledge can help individuals prevent these disasters from happening moving forward.

Humans are Responsible for Nearly 85% of Wildfires

Throughout the entire nation, a large majority of the wildfires that occur are a result of actions by humans. While there is a possibility for nature to cause a wildfire, it is far less likely than simple negligence and disregard of potential safety issues.

Some situations are worse than others when it comes to causing these wildfires and those who are negligent may be considered responsible. However, some of the human-caused fires are a result of the following actions:

  • Leaving a campfire unattended: If a party is camping and using a campfire, they must ensure that it is safe and attended to at all times. Allowing it to blaze without proper supervision could spark a potential fire of surrounding shrubs and trees.
  • Burning debris: Some individuals recklessly burn debris in an unsafe manner. Even one spark in the wrong direction can cause a serious fire to start.
  • Discarding cigarette butts: Not everyone properly disposes of their cigarettes and they often discard them into nature without putting out the embers completely. Any contact with plants, shrubs, or other nature can cause a fire to spark.
  • Arson: In some situations, wildfires are intentional and this is an illegal act. Arson is when someone starts a fire on purpose.

There are multiple questions that are asked when a major wildfire begins including whether or not it threatens individuals or property. If this is the case, efforts are made immediately to help contain and extinguish the fire.

However, this isn’t always the case and individuals can sustain significant injuries if something goes wrong. This is what happened with the recent Camp Fire when thousands of structures were lost and over 80 individuals lost their lives.

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