1,700 Child Care Centers in California Test Positive for Unsafe Lead Contamination

Based on California Department of Social Services data that the Environmental Working Group was able to collect from the state, around 1,700 licensed child care centers throughout California have tested positive for unsafe levels of lead contamination in the drinking water. The astonishing figure equals close to 25% of the centers and schools tested so far. Given that there are many more locations still to test, this serious health issue could affect all corners of California.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lead typically enters drinking water by passing through unsafe pipes. Certain brass, chrome, galvanized iron, or lead-soldered pipes are particularly problematic and can leech lead into potable water sources. Although minor lead contamination exposure might cause no symptoms in an adult, children are much more susceptible to lead-related injuries and harm, some of which can cause permanent brain damage or developmental issues. Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers any amount of lead exposure to a child to be unsafe, which means every child care center that tested positive for lead contamination has been exposing its children to unsafe levels of lead.

Was Your Child Exposed to Lead at Child Care?

If you are worried that your child could have been exposed to lead, The Sacramento Bee recently posted an article that shared a searchable table of California child care centers with high lead levels in the drinking water. You can click here to view the article and scroll down to the table. Type in your child’s school or child care center to see if lead was identified in the potable water there. If it was, then it is recommended that you arrange a medical checkup for your child as soon as possible.

What Can Parents Do?

Parents across California are now urged to explore their legal options if their child has been exposed to lead contamination at school or a child care center. At Kershaw Talley Barlow, our California school lead contamination lawsuit attorneys are investigating this unfolding situation and offering our legal counsel to parents statewide. Please contact us now if you suspect that your child was exposed to lead at a child care center or school. Even if your child has not shown symptoms of lead exposure, you could have a valid claim to file in pursuit of justice and fair compensation. Call (916) 520-6639 to learn more during a free case evaluation.

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