Water Contamination in the U.S. Military

Water Contamination in the U.S. Military

Camp Lejeune is one of the most well-known bases affected by soil and water contamination, but it is not the only one. In fact, over 60 U.S. military bases have experienced similar levels of contamination due to hazardous waste, fuel spills, and other contaminants.

Kershaw Talley Barlow can help highlight some of the facts about soil and water contamination on military bases.

Soil and Water Contamination Facts

The Department of Defense (DoD) reported that from 2001 to 2017, nearly 900 sites across 61 military installations in the United States were found to have soil or groundwater contamination issues due to hazardous waste disposal practices and fuel spills in past decades. This means that when these sites were tested for chemical contaminants, above-average levels were detected in the soil or groundwater on these properties. The DoD estimates that this type of contamination could take years or even decades to manage, depending on its severity.

Why File a Claim?

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was passed in 2016. It allowed those who had served at Camp Lejeune between 1953 and 1987 to file claims with the VA if they believed they had developed any medical conditions related to contaminated drinking water on base during their time there.

Why It’s Important To Take Action Now

It’s important for anyone who believes they may have been affected by contaminated drinking water while stationed at Camp Lejeune to take action now. Filing a claim can provide access to certain benefits such as healthcare compensation, burial benefits, housing allowance reimbursement, disability benefits, travel reimbursement for medical treatment, etc., depending on individual circumstances and eligibility requirements.

Additionally, it’s important for veterans who are eligible for these benefits to receive them as soon as possible since many of these conditions can become worse over time without proper treatment or accommodations being provided by the VA. It’s also important because filing claims helps ensure that those who served our country receive proper recognition of their service when they need it most - whether through financial compensation or medical services provided by the government - so they can live out their lives with dignity regardless of how long ago they served in active duty service.

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Water contamination is a serious issue across many military bases. Whether you are facing the ramifications from Camp Lejeune or other toxic exposures, know that you can rely on the team at Kershaw Talley Barlow. Contact our experienced attorneys for assistance with your claim today..