When is a Retailer Liable for a Crash

Cars at a dealership

It’s no secret that multiple parties could be liable for a car accident; surprisingly, even retailers can be found responsible. Because they have a responsibility to care for their customers, retailers can sometimes put their profits over the safety of their customers. In this blog, the Kershaw Talley Barlow team will discuss how a retailer may be found responsible for a person’s car accident and what a person can do to seek justice.

Refusing The Recall

When a vehicle is recalled, it should be the retailer’s number one priority to ensure that the dangerous product is out of the way of the public. If a retailer sells a person a vehicle that has been recalled without notifying the buyer, they could be found responsible for any injuries linked to the faulty product.

You can always check for a recall if your vehicle has been acting strangely. The NHTSA website has a database where a person can enter their vehicle identification number (VIN) into the search bar to pull up any recent recalls.

Proving a retailer’s negligence can be difficult, especially when it comes to proving the defect. However, an experienced product liability specialist can help you build a strong case to get the compensation you need.

Ready to Seek Justice?

It can be frustrating not knowing the source of your car accident. However, you do have every right to seek justice if you have been injured due to a defective product. The team at Kershaw Talley Barlow has some of the most seasoned product liability attorneys in the area and would be delighted to extend a helping hand to anyone in need.

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