Extended Fire Season

Overview of a highway and skyline in the background. The sky is orange and hazy due to a fire in the distance.

September through November are typically the driest months in California. This, combined with the fact that many trees and plants are starting to die off as winter approaches, makes these two months some of the most dangerous for wildfires.

In 2020, California experienced its deadliest and most destructive wildfire season on record. Thousands of homes were destroyed, and dozens of people lost their lives. This year, firefighters are working hard to prevent another disaster, but residents need to be prepared for the worst.


The risk of wildfires is always present in California, but it increases significantly in the autumn months. There are several reasons for this—for starters, the weather is typically drier in September and October. This means there is less moisture available to help contain a fire.

Also, as stated earlier, many trees and plants start to die off as winter approaches. This makes them more flammable. Autumn is also the time of year when most Santa Ana winds occur. These strong, dry winds can quickly spread a fire from one area to another.

Protecting Yourself

Creating a defensible space around your home is crucial to protect yourself and your property from the dangers of wildfires. Clearing away dead vegetation or other materials that could easily catch fire is vital to do during the fall. You should also have an evacuation plan in place in case you need to leave your home quickly.

Evacuation Plan

With the threat of wildfires always looming in California, it's essential to be prepared to evacuate your home. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Sit down with your family and discuss what you would do in an evacuation. Designate a meeting spot and make sure everyone knows how to get there.
  • Put together a go-bag with essential items like medicine, food, water, and clothes. You should also include important documents like birth certificates and insurance information.
  • Keep an eye on the news and local weather reports for any evacuation announcements. When an evacuation is ordered, make sure you leave immediately and follow the instructions of emergency personnel.

By making a plan, packing a go-bag, and staying informed, you can help ensure that you and your family are safe in the event of an emergency.

Wildfire Attorneys

At Kershaw Talley Barlow, our wildfire lawyers represent homeowners and business owners who have suffered wildfire damage in California. We are also pursuing claims against utility companies whose negligence caused or contributed to the wildfire. We understand the devastation a wildfire can cause and will work tirelessly to help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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