How a Dog Owner Might Try to Defend Themself Against Liability for a Bite

How a Dog Owner Might Try to Defend Themself Against Liability for a Bite

Going out for a walk and seeing another walker with a dog or visiting a friend who has a dog can turn tragic instantly if the dog becomes aggressive and bites you. Dog bites can range from minor to deadly. Even with most dog bites not happening purposely, dog owners may try to defend themselves so they can stay out of legal trouble.

If you were attacked by a dog and were injured, you have every right to seek compensation. See how the attorneys at Kershaw Talley Barlow will fight for you.

Dog Owner’s Defenses

No one wants to get in trouble, and most people don’t want to see others get hurt. Keeping those factors in mind, a dog owner may try to come up with an excuse as the reason you were bit by their dog.

You Taunted or Provoked the Dog

This is classic victim shaming. A dog owner could say you “deserved” to be bitten if you got too close to their dog. Granted, you should never go up to a dog you aren’t familiar with and expect every dog to behave. Additionally, it is not wise to chase or wrestle with a dog you don’t know.

You Trespassed on the Property

It is illegal to go onto someone else’s property without their permission or stay on a property where you know you lawfully are not allowed to be on. Additionally, if you enter a property and see signs warning you of a dog, the dog owner would say you were warned about their pet if you were to become injured.

You Were Being Careless

There are multiple scenarios where a dog owner could say you were careless in the situation that led to the dog bite. For example, if you and your young child were visiting a friend who has a dog, and that child got too close to the dog and was bitten by the dog, then your friend could claim you were being careless for not watching your child better.

If You Were Injured, You Deserve Justice

It can seem like an uphill battle fighting a dog bite claim, especially if you are being told that you were the one at fault for the injuries. Don’t let that stop you from getting the justice you deserve.

The team at Kershaw Talley Barlow has recovered millions of dollars for our personal injury clients, and we want to help you too. Get started with a free consultation today — (916) 520-6639.

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