Facing the Aftermath: How Communities Can Start to Recover from Wildfires

It can feel overwhelming to return home after a wildfire comes through your community. However, it can be part of the healing process to assess what was spared, damaged, or destroyed in the fire.

Prepare Emotionally

Going back to your community and your property can bring up a lot of emotions. Prepare for this mentally by talking with family, friends, or counselors about how you feel. If some neighbors have already returned, talk with them not only to see how they’re recovering but it may give you a clearer picture of what to expect when you return to your property versus images you may see of other neighborhoods on the news.

Prepare Physically

Be prepared for potential latent flare-ups once you are given the OK to come back home. Ensure that you have access to water should you encounter a spark or ember. Once you’re back on the property, consider keeping an eye out for any hot spots or smoldering stumps as these could cause further damage. At your home, consider checking the roof and attic for any embers as well or consider having a professional perform an inspection. You may want to consider performing these inspections and being on alert for any such activity for at least several days after you return home for your safety.

Ask for Support When Needed

Your community has just gone through a traumatic event. Some homes may have no damage while others are completely destroyed. If you need help — whether that’s for temporary shelter, food, clothes, support, or other essentials — reach out to loved ones, friends, or any counselors, support groups, and other professionals. Especially during a difficult time, people around you will want to assist in any way they can. It’s ok to talk with others about what you need.

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