Kershaw Talley Barlow to File Suit Over COVID-19 Care Center Deaths, KRCR Reports

Kershaw Talley Barlow is filing suit against Windsor Redding Care Center in Shasta County on behalf of five families whose loved ones passed away after contracting COVID-19 at the center. The suit is built on allegations that the center failed to take proper measures to protect both its residents and its staff from the fatal virus, as reported by KRCR News Channel 7.

According to the United States Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the care center has reported more than 100 coronavirus cases and 16 deaths. What’s more, in a three-year span (from September 2017 to October 2020), the center was cited by state regulators for a whopping total of 115 deficiencies, out of which 6 were related to violating federal standards in place to mitigate the spread of infection. When a virus known to target senior care facilities is spreading through communities unchecked, like COVID-19, it is all the more unacceptable that Windsor did not take action to protect those under its care.

“A nurse called in sick... Windsor actually made her come into work that day... For three days, she worked three separate shifts and on the third day she found out she had COVID,” said Attorney Stuart C. Talley, a partner at our firm who is representing the five bereaved families, in conversation with KRCR.

In its reporting, KRCR also reached out to our client Sally Kelley, the daughter of Arthur Trenerry. According to Kelley, Trenerry was transferred to Windsor after experiencing a stroke in July 2020. He was doing well and was reportedly happy until he declined at the center, catching COVID-19 the month after he moved in. In October 2020, he passed away.

“This wasn’t like it happened in March or February of 2020,” Attorney Talley explained. “This happened in September when the whole world knew COVID in nursing homes was a major, major problem.”

This fact only makes Kelley’s loss increasingly devastating. She is determined to hold Windsor accountable for its actions, and our attorney team at Kershaw Talley Barlow is determined to help her, and each of the other families, do so.

Has negligence allowed your loved one to be infected with COVID-19? Contact our compassionate lawyers at Kershaw Talley Barlow online today.

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