Are LED Headlights Safer?

Most of us have seen a new type of headlight on the road in recent years. A bright, blue-white headlight that differs dramatically from the traditional yellow halogen lights equipped on older vehicles. These are known as LED headlights and have grown in popularity recently. But, are they safer than halogen bulbs? Find out below.

The Pros and Cons of LED Headlights

According to Consumer Reports, 55% of 2018 model vehicles and 86% of 2019 model vehicles had LED headlights. It seems LED headlights are rapidly becoming the gold standard for auto manufacturers. But, is such popularity warranted?

The main reason that LED headlights have grown in popularity is their appearance rather than their safety benefits. Unlike halogen bulbs, LED headlights can be used in a string of lights; this gives auto manufacturers more leeway in the way the headlights are styled. The more unique designs of LED headlights are the main reason for their popularity among consumers. However, according to Consumer Reports’ testing, LED lights did not provide any more illumination on the road (in terms of distance lit up) than traditional halogen headlights.

Another benefit of LED headlights is their longevity. LED headlights are expected to last much longer than halogen headlights, which is a convenience and a money-saver for consumers.

So, it all comes down to what drivers prefer: style and convenience, or safety. If you’re interested in driving more safely on the road, there is no advantage to equipping your vehicle with LED headlights over traditional halogen bulbs.

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