How to Ride Defensively as a Bicyclist

Defensive driving (or riding, if you’re a bicyclist) is not as aggressive as it sounds. Rather, defensive riding involves always remaining alert to your surroundings.

Learn three ways to ride defensively as a bicyclist and protect yourself on the road.

#1. Make Yourself Seen

The best way to avoid a bicycle accident is to ensure that drivers see you. Wearing bright, reflective clothing and equipping your bike with adequate lighting can make you much more visible to vehicles on the road, particularly at night.

#2. Do Not Predict Others’ Actions

Just as you should never assume that motorists know what you plan to do, you should never assume what they plan to do. When riding, always signal your intent to turn left or right by using appropriate hand signals.

On the flip side of that, never assume that a motorist will turn simply because their turn signal is on. In short, always react to, rather than predict, motorists’ movements on the road.

#3. Keep a Safe Distance

One of the best ways to protect yourself as a bicyclist on the road is to stay in bike lanes or other designated riding areas. If you must ride with traffic, take advantage of the full use of the lane (when permitted) so you can avoid parked cars whose doors may open at any time.

Try not to remain in a vehicle’s blind spot. As discussed in Tip #1, making yourself visible is key to protecting your safety, and staying out of vehicles’ blind spots is a major part of that.

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