The Real Truth About Insurance Companies

You may have seen the countless advertisements from insurance companies talking about how much they protect their policyholders. The fact is, they know that automotive insurance is required for all drivers, so they do what they can to entice as many consumers as they can.

However, when it comes time to really protect a policyholder after an accident, are most insurance companies really willing to do whatever it takes to protect them?

Unfortunately, there are countless problems with the way insurance companies operate following an accident–especially with claims filed by another insurance company’s policyholders where it is their own policy holder who is at fault.

The Insurance Company Will Lie to Protect Their Profits

Imagine a situation in which you’ve suffered serious injuries for which you know you can file a claim and you know the other party was at fault, but you are denied because the insurance company says you’re not covered?

This happens far too often as insurance companies will deceive you to pay out as little as possible. Some of their lies may include:

  • Their customer’s policy doesn’t cover your damages
  • The injuries you sustained were pre-existing
  • You lapsed on the time limit to file a claim

Having a lawyer with you can help you understand your rights when the insurance company tries to deceive you.

Insurance Companies Are Hoping You Need Money Quickly

The insurance company will often offer to pay much less than you deserve in hopes that you’ll settle because you need money for your mounting injury associated expenses. You should know accepting their underrated offer may forfeit your right to file a lawsuit later.

Don’t be taken advantage of after a car accident. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers are ready to stand by your side and take on whatever comes your way because we truly care about your relief. We want to help you seek maximum compensation, and we’ll go the extra mile to do so.

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