Common Injuries Sustained In Car Accidents

For those who have been involved in a car accident, there are serious injuries that can be sustained. Many of the injuries sustained can have a lifelong impact on the injured, creating several difficulties in the life of the injured.

Knowing what types of injuries may be sustained can help the injured individual get the treatment necessary to begin healing, but it can also help when filing a claim and pursuing compensation based on the severity of the injuries.

Brain Injuries

Some of the most common—and most devastating—injuries involves brain trauma. In car accidents, there are several ways in which brain injuries can occur. Even with the smallest of impacts, the brain can rattle within the skull and cause a concussion.

Brain injuries can be even more severe if other trauma occurs such as the passengers’ heads striking the frame of the vehicle, or when the head makes contact with the dashboard. These can do more than cause a concussion, often resulting in memory loss, cognitive damage, and more.

Spine and Neck Injuries

These two types of injuries are more common when there’s a rear-end collision and creates whiplash. The spine can suffer damaged discs, nerve problems, and more. Long-term soreness can be present and it may take an extended period of time to heal.

Broken Ribs and Internal Organ Damage

Broken ribs can occur—as well as the sternum—in significant impacts. The seat belt can save lives, but it can also cause some harm. If the ribs break, it could potentially result in organ damage and create a number of serious problems, especially if not treated. It could result in internal bleeding that could be fatal.

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