Things You Should Not Do After an Accident

There are plenty of things that you can do to help build your case after a car accident. However, there are also things that many people don’t know that they should not do after a crash. If any of these actions are performed, it can damage your potential case.

Before you do anything, be sure to keep these things in mind as they can be imperative in helping you move forward and protect your rights to file a lawsuit.

Don’t Assume Fault

You should not assume that you or the other party are at fault for the accident. Whether you think the other party was at fault or if you had some comparative negligence in the matter, simply go through the motions of getting information, reporting the accident, and getting medical attention.

The moment you assume fault, it can lead to you saying something that shouldn’t be said.

Don’t Apologize

It’s easy to feel sympathetic after a car accident and you may want to apologize to the other party. However, the moment you apologize, the other party’s insurance company can use this statement against you as an admission of guilt.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media

You may think that if your social media is private that nobody else can access it. However, if you’re a party in a personal injury lawsuit, the opposing party may have access to your social media to see what you are posting.

There are potential dangers of posting on social media, such as certain pictures that may contradict your statements of suffering an injury. For instance, if you suffered a back injury as a result of a crash, but you post a picture showing you doing a physical activity, this can be used against you.

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