Steve Wozniak's "Woz U" Accused of Misrepresentations and Scamming Students

In order to proactively step toward obtaining a career in the booming tech industry, a record number of Americans are enrolling in “boot camps” focused on computer coding. Many of these students have enrolled at Woz U, one of the field’s latest and most renowned programs which was created by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 2017.

For the price of approximately $13,200, this online computer coding school promises to “launch careers” in software development, cyber security, and data science. However, several current and former Woz U students, as well as a former Woz U sales representative, have recently come forward to claim that Woz U’s online education has significant problems and is a potential scam that capitalizes on the name recognition of Steve Wozniak.

The following are the current complaints made by students at Woz U:

  • The school’s coding course content contains typos;
  • “Live lectures” broadcasted online were actually out of date and prerecorded;
  • Student mentors were unqualified;
  • One course had no instructor;
  • Course materials simply included hyperlinks to Wikipedia or easily-accessible Microsoft help pages; and
  • Despite the name, Wozniak allegedly has little to no involvement with the curriculum and operational aspects of Woz U.

Furthermore, students have reported that Woz U engages in aggressive and misleading sales tactics to enroll as many people as possible, so they can pay expensive tuition for Woz U’s programs. The online computer coding school’s allegedly deceptive sales strategies, misrepresentations, and substandard education could be the basis for legal claims by current and former students.

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